Buck's Herd

     Anchor D Picasso
  DeeBran D Kinsman
     FGAF Lucretia
DeeBran D Brandi
     FGAF Pld Battlestar 540U
  DeeBran Polled Invitation
    Anchor D Elegance 69P

Branden (Buck) has been our Little Farmer from the start.  He is involved in every aspect of the farming business and enjoys it all.  He is quick to figure out what works and what doesn't and sees opportunities rather quickly.  His 4H calves never leave, he picks the best of Mom & Dad's herd and somehow gets them in his herd!

Buck's Herd will be represented by the prefix DeeBran B

            Bar 5 SA Benz
    RPF P-10 First Choice
            RPF Georgia Belle M-34
Buschbeck Erin 9202X
            Latco Hager Junior
     Bar 5 SA Edelina 416T
            Toverberg Erika

DeeBran B KitKat (Bull Jan 1/12) Regis
Deebran B Armour (Bull Jan 19/13) Adrenaline
DeeBran B Benelli (Bull Feb 5/14) Razz
DeeBran B Challenger (Bull Jan 21/15) Kinsman
DeeBran B Dark Roast(Bull Feb6/16) Adrenaline
DeeBran B Eldridge(Bull Mar 12/17) V‍‍‍iper

            Arsha Lava 104L
     Arhsa's Polled Trooper 67T
            Arsha Lateefah 67L
DeeBran Polled Zilla
           Van Bakel Blondes Reputation
    Van Bakel Blondes URPerfect
            Rheo Kassandra

DeeBran B Chevy (Bull Feb 4/15) Hummer
DeeBran Pld B Ellia (Heifer Jan 14/17)Viper

At the 4H Show.......

2011 Buck & DeeBran Polled Invitation (Little Baby)

2010  Buck & DeeBran Polled Invitation (Little Baby)

2009 Buck & Bar 5 SA Georgia

2008 Buck & DeeBran Polled Gecel (and Dad)

DeeBran B Eva(Heifer Mar 8/17) Viper

DJ Farms

          JNR'S Polled Crackerjack
   Gravandale Crackerjack
          Gravandale Prefecton
Gravandale Sassy
         Klondike Arnie
  Granvandale Shamu
          Knights Shyann

DeeBran B Glynnis (Heifer)