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DJ Farms

We are family orientated with family and animals first on the list.  We have deep family roots here in Staffa, everyone is our neighbour and always welcome.  Life is best on the farm and being raised on the farm our children have received that blessing too.   Even animal no matter the DNA  gets along, we are one BIG Happy Herd!

After Saving with Their Cattle Money New Trucks Times Two!                         2016

Denny gets a Digger!  Boys and Their Toys!                         2017

Best Side-Kick Ever......Troy   2004-2014

Just sleeping.......

What Duck?   Daisy & Duck Best Pals

Dee & Melita

Dee & Sally

Your the Best Ritz  Dec 12, 1993-Jan 19, 2008

Barn Expansion   2007

Daisy May Elliott, Office Manager

Bailey Marie Elliott, Security

Only Our Ele!  What a cow     2019