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FGAF I'm A Viper

Birth Date: January 9, 2015


I our farm he's just Vipie and we are getting a lot of calves that end up in the breeding ring her on the farm which isn't good for Viper.  However we just can't seem to let him go, his calves' birth weight is low, calves are quick to get up and start drinking, they grew well and thick and are sooo easy to work with.  Especially Mr. Vipie himself, we just open his pen door and say "let's go to work"  and he knows which isle and pen to take.  When he's done you just open the door and he walks back to his room!  What a bull.

We lost Viper in the Spring of 2019 - we hope the future bulls are half as good!  

The New Herd Sire!

We are excited for this next step in producing top breeding stock in the Fleckvieh Polled line. For the last number of years we have only bought polled bulls and when we saw Gibraltar in Anchor D’s sale catalogue we admired him.  We were wanting a total outcross bull and knew this guy was the one for us.  Then checking his EPD’s we definitely knew we had to have him.

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Having a Great Bull is like having at Great Employee.  Leave them to their work and your business will grow.

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