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Dee's Herd

Anchor D Picasso
       Anchor D Molly
DeeBran D Kinsman
        Shawacres Jahari
FGAF Lucretia
       FGAF Legen's Charm

         Dorsim Massie
  Bar 5 SA Stride 413P
         Toverberg Erika
Leahy's Willimina 5W
          Leahy's Ned 11N
  Leahy's Roxanne
          Silverspring Kirsten

Ever since Dee was a baby she has always enjoyed being with the animals on the farm.  From cats to cattle she cares for them all.  So she will take pride and outstanding care with her herd and it's off-spring.  Animals seem to sense her sincerity and care, resulting in healthy, happy and docile animals.  Dee has increased her knowledge of pedigrees over the past few years and picks out the sale features with no problem.

So if purchasing from Miss Dee's herd you can be sure you will be getting proven genetics, docility and a well loved animal.

Dee's Herd will be represented by the prefix Deebran D

DeeBran D Pld Jadea (Heifer Feb 21/11)TNT
DeeBran D Ammunition
(Bull Jan 17/13)Winston
DeeBran D Bret (Bull Jan 23/14) Hulkster
DeeBran D Cassidee (Heifer Jan 3/15) Kinsman
DeeBran D Duck (Bullmar 10/16) Kinsman
DeeBran D Elstone (Bull Mar3/17) Viper            
DeeBran D Fergie (heifer feb 15/18) HulksterDeeBran D Hudson (Bull Jan 15, 2020) Windsurfer   DeeBran D Java (Heifer Jan 25/21) Kinsman

     A-Bar-A Pol Exit
            Norwood Tundra
Gravandale Fantasy
            Double Bar D Maddox
     Granvandale Faith
            Granvandale Farrah

DeeBran D Cinderella (Heifer Mar 8/15)
DeeBran D Ether (Bull Mar 18/17) Viper  DeeBran D Huron (Bull Feb 27, 2020) Viper  DeeBran D Jingle (Heifer Jan 9/21) Kinsman